About Us

We offer set quotations with no hidden charges. Where possible, we like to visit the property you are moving from to do an inventory of items to be moved & a risk assessment of the property. Then we can provide a quote to suit each individual needs. Where this is not possible, we ask customers to send us an inventory and we can give an estimate.

The journey started with a small van, hard work and since then it has developed into a growing business im proud of. My main focus has always been to give my customers the best experience at an affordable price. We have alot of experience within the industry, helping our customers get a productive, expert move. We offer everything from a full house move to single item deliveries.

Why Watsons RemovalS?

We take pride in our work and ensure all the items are moved to the highest standard.

Fully insured with a van customised to offer the best experience in moving furniture. Carpeted floor, carpeted sides, blankets, straps, mattress covers, etc.

Within the quote process we try to obtain as much information as possible to specifically tailor the move to benefit each individual customer. We also offer a set price on quotation with no hidden charges for waiting time, exchanging of contracts, keys etc.

Our uniformed staff are knowledgeable within the industry, equipped with all the right tools for the job, friendly and helpful and will be hand throughout the day to ensure your move runs efficiently and as stress free as we can make it.


We’ve had alot of great feedback, recommendations and reviews. Here’s just a few examples of how we have helped our customers.